From concept to mold manufacturing Black Friday True Religion Kids to final finest products Soul Chain combines trandional mold making craft with latest technology for your quality specific, and perform a exquisite long lifespan mold. We emphasize procedure of mold manufacturing, on time delivery and a good after sale service to confident customers.
1. CAM
2. CNC milling
3. CNC milling
4. Bench work
7. EDM
8. Spotting
9. Polishing
10. Trial

11. Fitmen submission/Modification/Approval

12. Packing/Shipping
(1) Raw material of molds used BUDERUS-Germany, SAARSTAHL-Germany,KOBE STEEL-Japan
(2) Heater for 2015 Black Friday Online True Religion Pants molds,HOTSET-Germany
(3) Hydraulic cylinders-Taiwan
(4) Spring for molds,TOHATSU-Japan


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